From the eyes of a Father

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Today is that day. The last day for good morning kisses and early morning chats. The last day that I am able to be involved with your clothes, your hair, your shoes. I must admit that when we did the fitting it didn’t look this good.  You are truly beautiful, you are going to make that man very happy.

For the first time ever I truly understand the term that you are more precious than gold and you will always be daddy’s little girl.

Now I walked you down that passage, you seem both exited and anxious, to me it’s just the valley of shadows. As we enter the room his face lights up, a smile paves the way, your eyes meet.  Then it happens, he bonds with you as quick as that.

Now that I have to let you go, I can feel my heart trembling, fighting with me blow by blow.

Into his arms you will go and at first you will be scared but I know that you will grow fonder of him every day and your memory of me will grow smaller day by day. That is the part I play and I did my part. I tended and cared for you as God told me to.

I know he will take care of you, after all he is your Forever Dad.

Lots of Love, your kangaroo dad

Do you feel the shift?  Changes are taking place.  It is a time when you will be able to bring many issues to resolution after feeling stuck.  Problems will be solved supernaturally where natural solutions failed.  Keep your head up, your ears attentive, and your eyes open as you set a watch for opportunities, says the Lord.  Mark 13:33 “Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is.

Doing Hard Things

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Our Family decided to do a hard thing, taking care of six babies at once. My, my, were we surprised. Taking care of six babies at once is not hard, bathing them all is not hard, providing 36 bottles daily is not hard, changing 36 nappies is not hard, handing them over to their forever parents is not hard, letting go of the emotions, is not hard.

Train your kids to do hard things that is true inheritance of life. Seeing them flourish in that and developing their passions, is more valuable that gold.

Thanks to the Photographer Tracey –Rae Images who is capturing these special moments free of charge

Barbara Campher.

Super Kangaroo Family takes on 3 babies

blog 3I have three children of my own, who are home schooled and recently I decided to become a kangeroo mom as well..

There is a huge need to take care of babies before they get placed with their adoptive families. So my family and I decided to help where we can.

Within 2 weeks after we completed the screening process, we received the first baby and I am absolutely loving every moment.

The first baby is a prem baby and she weighed only 1.250kg. One week later I got a phone call asking if I am willing to take another baby. We prayed as a

family and decided to take another one…and then another one!

Taking care of more than one baby as well as my own family can be a challenge at times, but we manage and everybody is helping. We are grateful that we can be part of these babies lives and that we can help to give them a perfect start in life.

Barbara and family

The Phone Call

I must admit, I never fully understood the term bittersweet, until now.

Today I experienced a bittersweet reconciliation, definitely one of the most difficult but also the sweetest experiences ever.

On the 6th August 2014 I got the most beautiful littel girl that was only 3 days old. She smiled from day one and brought smiles to our faces. She was such a blessing to us and we called her Rebecca.

Rebecca quickly bonded with our hearts and was part of the Campher family for 14 days and she also got an instant sister called Thandi, our little prem baby.

We loved her, nourished her, and enjoyed her for 14 days.

Then the phone rang, and her mother want’s her back, even though that was my prayer from the beginning, I suddenly realized that I don’t know how to let go.

I know this is victory, to re-unite mother and child, but o my hat I had a constant battle in my mind.

A whole weekend spent crying and praying and rebelling and emotions of “this is it, I will never do this again”. I was ready to give up and call it quits, give away all the baby clothes and even my little Thandi, cause I just can’t do this.

I even thought of just running away with both of them.

Then I prayed and asked one thing, Lord please let there be an instant conection between Rebecca and her mum. I desire this confirmation, it’s the only way that my heart will mend.

I must see that connection!

So the day came for their reconciliation and for us to part with Rebacca. It was an emotional day for all of us in the Campher Family.

As we were sitting waiting for the mom, I can’t even begin to describe what went through my head.

And then they arrive, the mom and Gogo, and then, I had to hand over my precious little Rebecca.

Mom took her and held her. I showed her Rebecca’s photos and said she’s a good girl, explained her drinking times and the normal hand over stuff and as soon as I stepped back there it was before my own eyes……. Mila (her new name) looked her mom straight in the eye…. there were tears…. the connection was made……I had my peace

psalm 73:16-17. When I tried to understand all this, it troubled me deeply.

Then I went into your sanctuary o God, and I finally understood.


Barbara & Family

Premature Baby Born


Eventually after all the paper work was done I packed my first “Kangaroo Mom” baby bag, waiting for the phone to ring so I can go and get my first baby.

I will never forgot that day the phone rang, nappy bag ready, pram and car chair ready. All the excitement, you could almost smell it in the air.

So my youngest girl & I went to go and fetched you at Hospital.

I can’t describe the feeling when I went into the room where you were laying. There were about 6 nurses around you. You  were so loved in the  hospital already. So when I got the chance to get through all the nurses there you were so perfect so beautifully  made. The Dr made me wait for her so she can tell me they called you Thandi  so I felt the Lord said leave her name: Thandi, meaning “loved one“.  And so you where loved, indeed.

All the clothes in the bag where way too big for you even though it was prem size clothing.

So my daughter and I had you all dressed and ready to go. You settled in very good and quickly became the queen of the house.

The Lord gave me scripture for you after you first night with us. Isaiah 49:15

‘Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!’

With that in mind the Lord sent us as a family on this amazing journey with you.

Your nappies were so small we had to buy you special prem nappies. Even doll’s clothing was too big for you.

Our journey with you was so amazing, listen to this story. We needed a monitor for you so I googled and there was this lady selling hers on the internet, so I took a change of asking her if she would be able to donate the monitor if no one is interested. One day she phoned and said we can get it. With our arrival  there we introduced ourselves and as soon as we introduced you the lady burst out in tears after a while we found out her daughter’s name was also Thandi and she had been going through major difficulties. So how awesome is that for God lead interventions using us and you.

Another one is when we decided to start looking into trying out a new church. It was great and when the service was finished my son asked, “Mom do you see the back of the chairs in the church. There were a label and on every chair in that church was the simple little word “Thandi Chair” and then the barcode.

That was there to show us that we will have a school or congregation FAMILY full of Thandi’s

The Lord definitely called us as a Family to do this, to take care of the young ones.

You were so small but you had a personality. We as a family had the privilege to nurture you. I know now that you were more healing to us as a family and only the beginning of new season in our life’s.

The Lord showed me that we as a family where the incubators before you go out in to this world. We definitely equipped you to face anything in the wold outside. You are our pride and joy.

It’s time for us to let go and let God and so my dear Thandi that was not a very easy thing for me to do. There were times I was thinking can’t I just run away with you. My children said let’s just adopted you and leave this calling. This was not the plan for us as a family in this season though.

So with this I can say: I handed you over to your forever parents I couldn’t even cry because they cried too much. There was instant love and bubbling from your side the moment they had you in their arms. It was the perfect match. You will always be a part of our family

Ps 16:11

You will show me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.